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Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Manevska, K., Achterberg, P. and D. Houtman (2017). Why There is Less Supportive Evidence for Contact Theory Than They Say There is. A Quantitative Cultural-Sociological Critique. Forthcoming in American Journal of Cultural Sociology. [PDF]

Houtman, D., Achterberg, P. en K. Manevska (2013). Als de dingen nog slechts ‘zijn’ en ‘gebeuren’. Naar een onttoverde experimentele cultuursociologie. Tijdschrift voor Sociologie 34(3-4).

Manevska, K., and P. Achterberg (2013). Immigration and Perceived Ethnic Threat: Cultural Capital and Economic Explanations. European Sociological Review 29(3): 437-449.

Achterberg, P., Houtman, D., Van Bohemen, S., and K. Manevska (2010). Unknowing But Supportive? Predispositions, Knowledge, and Support for Hydrogen Technology in the Netherlands. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 25(12), 6075-6083.

Manevska, K., Waal, J. van der, Achterberg, P.H.J., Houtman, D. & Koster, W. de (2010). ‘ Sommigen zijn gelijker dan anderen’: Economisch Egalitarisme en Verzorgingsstaatschauvinisme in Nederland. Sociologie, 6(1), 3-25.

Waal, J. van der, Achterberg, P., Houtman, D., Koster, W. de, and K. Manevska (2010). ‘ Some are More Equal than Others.’ Economic Egalitarianism and Welfare Chauvinism in the Netherlands. Journal of European Social Policy, 20(4), 350-363.


Book chapters
Van Bohemen, S., Houtman, D., Achterberg, P., and K. Manevska (2012). Spirituality and Environmental Consciousness in the Netherlands: A Comparison of Holistic Spirituality and Chriatian Dualism. In: Heelas, P. (ed.), Spirituality in the Modern World (Volume Four). London: Routledge.

Manevska, K., Waal, J. van der, Achterberg, P.H.J., Houtman, D. & Koster, W. de (2010). Verzorgingsstaatschauvinisme in Nederland. In: Batenburg, R., De Beer, P., Mevissen, J., en K. Tijdens (Eds.), Arbeid in crisis (pp. 131-142). Den Haag: Lemma.


Manevska, K. (2014). Beyond the Ethnic DivideTowards a Cultural-Sociological Understanding of Ethnocentrism. Rotterdam: Erasmus University.